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The TPI bikes are amazing machines. Unfortunately, KTM had their hands tied by the EURO4 emissions laws when they were configuring them. While we've addressed performance issues with our reflash & head, we found another problem: The idle is not adjustable externally. KTM did this being emissions at idle is one of the EURO4 stipulations. They want the lowest possible idle so the bike emits the least amount of exhaust.

Though KTM claims they give you an idle screw (by the "cold start" dial), this is really an idle air/fuel mixture screw. While it can give you a hair (and we mean, hair) higher idle, it also comes at the expense of poor run-ability. 

The true way to adjust idle is by removing the KTM installed set screw from the throttle body and installing our adjustment screw that allows you to tune your idle externally. The big difference with our screw is it actually moves the butterfly, effecting the real idle by adding both air AND fuel. This method actually adjusts your idle, properly. 

Those who ride tricky terrain, this is the best addition you can add to your bike. It'll keep the motor higher in RPM on descents, is easier to pull all those more trialsish moves and can even help with throttle response being the motor isn't running at anemic levels. 

Fits all makes, models and displacement of TPI 2 stroke bikes.


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